Transfer Fluids

In fluid thermodynamics, a heat transfer fluid is a gas or liquid that takes part in heat transfer by serving as an intermediary in cooling on one side of a process, transporting and storing thermal energy, and heating on another side of a process.

Coolflow DTX

A non-toxic fully inhibited heat transfer fluid, with antifreeze function based on detoxified ethylene glycol. Suitable for use in all RAC, HVAC and glycol chiller systems, including; process cooling, blast freezing, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

To prevent internal corrosion, scaling and biological fouling Coolflow DTX is formulated with multi-metal and multi-function inhibitors, which exceed ASTM D1384 standards.

Launched in 2010 Coolflow DTX represents a major step forward in heat transfer and pumping efficiency, providing >10% reduction in operating costs when compared with Propylene Glycol based fluids.

Performance Rating

Summary – Rating: A

Suitable for food & beverage process cooling and other applications where a non-toxic classification is preferred. High efficiency and more cost effective than MPG based coolants.

Efficiency – Rating: B

High thermal conductivity and low viscosity at sub-zero temperatures, results in increased heat transfer efficiency and reduced energy demands.

Antifreeze – Rating: A

Provides protection down to -58°F and lower concentration (% volume) is required to achieve the same freeze-point protection, when compared with NTP, USP, ECO2 and ECO3.

Corrosion Control – Rating: A

Long-Life formulation with synergistic corrosion inhibitors to exceed BS6580 and ASTM D1384 standards. Also contains broad-spectrum biological inhibitors and polyacrylates to prevent scale precipitation.

Toxicity – Rating: A

Classified as Non-Toxic and Food-Safe. Suitable for food & beverage processing systems and where low-toxicity is stipulated. LD50 Oral Rat >20,000mg/kg body weight.

Physical Properties

  • Density: 1.008 – 1.15g/cm³ depending on inhibitors
  • pH: 10.0 – 11.0 depending on inhibitors
  • Boiling Point: >212°F
  • Characteristics: a clear, slightly viscous liquid. It is mildly sweet to the taste and has a non-pungent but characteristic aroma
  • Available in: 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums & 275 Gallon Totes.

Mixing Guide

When measuring the percentage concentration of Coolflow DTX in solution we recommend the use of a recently calibrated refractometer.

Frost Protection °F v/v of Coolflow DTX % Refractive Index
14 22.0 1.35535
5 28.0 1.36122
-4 33.0 1.36681
-13 38.0 1.37241
-22 42.0 1.37613
-31 46.0 1.38037
-40 50.0 1.38463
-49 52.0 1.38627
-58 54.3 1.38444


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